LS-X Jeep - My 1986 CJ7 Project

We began this project in 2015. It started with the purchase of a well worn and abused 1986 CJ7. At first, we were just going to swap a junkyard 5.3L LS into it, but as we got deeper and deeper into, it ended up being a ground up build. This site is to share this journey and the information we learned along the way. There is a lot of information here, and many hours of research to find the parts, learn how to do each thing, and make this information available to you. Just a quick disclaimer, this is how we did it, we are not saying it is the only way to do it, and if you follow our build, do your own due diligence and make sure it is how it should be done, you follow our instructions at your own risk. Now that the legalities are out of the way, enjoy the site!

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CJ7 General Build 5.3L Engine Build 4L60E Transmission Build Dana 300 Build
Current state of the build CJ7 LSX Engine Rebuild CJ7 4L60E Rebuild CJ7 Dana 300 Rebuild
LS Harness Work A Mystery To Be Solved Rear Dana 44 Build Front Dana 44 Build
LS Harness Build A Mystery Rear Dana 44 Build Front Dana 44 Build
Parts List Links Pipe, Tube, and Hose Sizing Tutorial